New Relic

New Relic is a SaaS-based application performance management (APM) software tool that helps developers and DevOps teams manage their web app performance and mobile app performance. Through application monitoring and application mapping, it provides in-depth, real time visibility into the health and reliability of web applications.

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The tool’s Ruby monitoring, PHP monitoring, Python monitoring, Java monitoring, and .NET monitoring agents offer multi-platform support and provide immediate value for polyglot development practices. Its Java Profiling feature helps find and fix Java issues quickly. Real User Monitoring (RUM) sees real user experiences from the end user’s perspective. And Server Monitoring shows server resource data in the context of real time app performance whether apps are deployed in the cloud, your data center, or in hybrid environments.


Gartner says about New Relic that the product is not meant to be the deepest, but rather it focuses on providing easy deployment and immediate value. This value proposition manifests itself in the user interface, which analyzes and presents detected faults and elevates them to the user of the product.

This simple approach is apparent across the entire product, including a well-designed intuitive Web interface. New Relic not only monitors Java and .NET, but also targets the emerging languages of PHP, Ruby, and Python. Aside from the core APM functionality, basic server monitoring is contained in the same agent; while this is currently limited to Linux, additional platforms are likely to be supported.

If you want to hear more about how New Relic can help to increase the transparency of your end to end web performance and reduce trouble shooting time then please feel to contact us or take a closer look at the New Relic website.

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