Many enterprises believe WAN optimization simply reduces bandwidth utilization. But optimizing the network in this way via compression, QoS, or TCP optimization is only one part of the solution needed to truly improve application performance across the network and increase employee collaboration. Unlike other approaches to application acceleration, Riverbed® WAN optimization solutions can provide dramatic application performance increases across the broad range of applications that enterprises care about the most. Applications run five, 50, or even up to 100 times faster so that branch office and mobile workers can collaborate in real-time, design documents, Excel files, even send large email attachments at blazing speeds, around the world.


Riverbed also gives your business visibility into its IT infrastructure so you can analyze whether your resources are being used in the best way. Our comprehensive solution:

  • - Accelerates applications across the WAN, typically by five, 50, or even 100 times
  • - Delivers LAN-like performance to branch office and mobile workers around the world
  • - Improves the productivity of branch office and mobile workers and enables your company to do more with less
  • - Speeds file downloads
  • - Enhances visibility and simplifies management
  • - Reduces computing times and improves employee collaboration
  • - Lowers IT, operational, and training costs, and helps you avoid costly network upgrades

Riverbed delivers faster application response times, improved staff collaboration, more agile infrastructure at reduced IT costs, and lower bandwidth costs.

With the ever-increasing importance of websites and web applications, performance has become a major concern for driving revenue, productivity, and user satisfaction. Stingray™ Aptimizer takes a new approach to performance that complements both traditional application delivery as well as WAN optimization capabilities. While traditional ADCs have focused on load balancing and offload for enterprise and web applications within the data center, Stingray Aptimizer extends traditional application delivery controller (ADC) functionality by delivering performance that end users need. Stingray Aptimizer helps businesses by accelerating applications, maximizing application performance and capacity, enhancing end-user experience, and boosting return on infrastructure investment.

stingray aptimizer overview

As the industry-leading web content optimization (WCO) platform, Stingray Aptimizer can accelerate web application load times by up to 4x, driving more web transactions, productivity, and user satisfaction from a broad range of web-based applications including Microsoft SharePoint, public websites, intranet portals, and cloud applications. In addition to improving the web experience for users across any device, Stingray Aptimizer also uses intelligent caching and dynamic compression to deliver up to 90 percent reduction in data on the wire. 

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