Keynote Systems is positioning itself as the mobile & internet performance authority and not without reason. Keynote was founded in 1995, went public in 1999 and is one of the few companies in this business that has been around since the start of this industry and that still is independent. 


Keynote is offering a wide range of services for web monitoring, load testing and user experience. Their products cover both traditional web sites and mobile internet and applications.  Keynote is one of the original Software as a Service (SaaS) providers which means that their solutions don't require a large initial investment and generate a quick Return on Investment.

Key Performance has been the preferred partner and reseller for the Benelux since 2000. Recently we have reached an agreement to increase our presence in France and Germany. We offer Keynote's solutions both as stand alone products and fully integrated with consulting services.

In 2009 Forrester has taken a closer look at Keynote and placed it in their 'On Fire' category. Please take a closer look at  this report as it still provides a good overview of the company and its solutions. For a fully up-to-date view of how Keynote can help you, please visit their website.

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Key Performance is proud to be a partner of some of the best solutions on the web performance market.

We really invest in these partnerships and highly value loyalty, close cooperation and transparency.

If you have launched a new solution and you are interested to work with us on the Benelux, German and French markets then please feel to contact us!