Service Assurance (Silver)

This service includes all deliverables of the Bronze level. On top of this we will implement a Real User Monitoring solution.  This will provide you with additional information about the true end to end performance experienced by your clients wherever they are, whatever they do. 


The information that you will receive from Service Assurance Bronze (using Keynote's TxP solution) is the best possible starting point for web performance optimization. The data is very detailed, stable and consistent.  Because the data is so stable, it greatly reduces false alarms and allows you to quickly identify real issues within your application or bottlenecks within your infrastructure. 

With additional Real User Monitoring you will receive additional information regarding geographic locations, browser usage and ISP's and bandwith. RUM will show you all information about all pages that your clients have visited and not just those that are included in the customer journeys that are monitored with Keynote. It is also a great way to quantify performance in those locations where Keynote doesn't have any agents (or just a couple) like Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, China and South America. The data that you collect with RUM is not as detailed but the volume can be overwhelming so Key Performance will ensure that we set up the right sampling method and filtering.


Key Performance will consolidate the data from both sources and provide this to you in a detailed monthly report that includes actionable recommendations on how to optimize your site in such a way that most users willbenefit from the work done.



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During the two week trial period we will use Keynote's Transaction Perspective to monitor a key customer journey from five locations, provide you with an onlinetraining to help you work with the online portal and provide you with a quick analysis of how your site is performing and show you some quick wins.

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