Service Assurance (Gold)

This is our flagship service. It includes all deliverables of the Bronze and Silver level. On top of this, Key Performance will provide you with a dedicated, part or full time consultant (and back up) who will (most of the time remotely) analyze the measurements from your site (during business hours), pro-actively identify any potential bottlenecks and who works with your IT department on the optimization of your site. 

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In this model, Key Performance is an extension to your internal team. We will fully manage all included monitoring (scripts, alarms, alerts, filters, reports, dashboards etc.) and we will analyze the data for changes in trends and negative impacts from changes or releases and we will communicate directly with appropriate staff members or your service providers when required.

This is a great service to combine with continuous optimization approach. Key Performance will gladly take on the project management role for such a project and ensure that you achieve a rapid ROI!

This service will also provide you with custom reporting that combines data from multiple sources (server monitoring, web analytics, web logs, revenue data etc.). These reports will provide you with correlation analysis to make it easier to pinpoint bottlenecks and quantify the impact of changes in business volumes, marketing events or the loss of revenue caused by slow response times or availabity issues. 

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The combination of results from Real User Monitoring and Web Analytics makes it possible to get a good understanding of the performance that your users expect from your site and at what level of degradation the start to abandon. This understanding makes it possible to identify just the right level of optimization that is required to maximize your revenue.


Use this service on your Acceptance Testing and your Production environment and we can compare performance and do baseline tests. This will increase the quality of service you are providing and reduce support cost!


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During the two week trial period we will use Keynote's Transaction Perspective to monitor a key customer journey from five locations, provide you with an onlinetraining to help you work with the online portal and provide you with a quick analysis of how your site is performing and show you some quick wins.

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