Service Assurance (Bronze)

If managing the availability of your site is not enough and you need to be able to guarantee an excellent quality of service to your customers, this is what you are looking for! SA uses Keynote’s Transaction Perspective to monitor key customer journeys from a true end-to-end perspective using real browser technology from a large number og global locations. 


This service provides you with a real time overview of how your site is responding providing you with full details for all objects, all content types and all third parties. Key Performance will work with you to define the relevant customer journeys, set up the monitoring, implement a highly sophisticated set of alarms and alerts, implement a monthly scorecard and quarterly reviews. We will provide end user training and local support.

This is a fully serviced solution where Key Performance will perform all required activities for the duration of the contract so that your team can focus on using the results and making your site faster and more robust.

Key Benefits:

- Real Browser Technology (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome (soon))
- User Experience Metrics
- Third Party Content Monitoring
- Monitor Flash and Silverlight Performance
- Sophisticated Alarming and Alerting
- Extensive Dashboards and Trend Reports
- Integration with your Enterprise Console
- Web Privacy Tracking
- Screen shots provide additional information for errors




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During the two week trial period we will use Keynote's Transaction Perspective to monitor a key customer journey from five locations, provide you with an onlinetraining to help you work with the online portal and provide you with a quick analysis of how your site is performing and show you some quick wins.

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