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Over the last two years we have seen a tremendous increase in the use of smartphones and tablets to access the internet. People are no longer just using their mobile devices to check the weather, find a restaurant or update their status on Facebook or Foursquare. They use their devices to perform banking transactions, buy shoes, book their next vacation, order groceries and theater tickets. People who are using mobile devices don't use them like they use their home computers but they use them for short periods throughout the day. In order to do whatever they want to do fast and efficiently, they always expect to have a perfect connection and sub second response times.

At the same time, the mobile platform simple cannot provide the same experience as most people are used have at home. Connection speeds are lower, processor speed is less, browser technology is different and the impact of latency is higher. This means that websites need to compensate for all of this if they don't want to frustrate their customers. Some companies want to achieve this by developing apps, others create special mobile sites with lighter content and using CDN's and some just hope for the best...

Strangeloop has recently published a great infographic to illustrate this.

mobile poster infographic 

Because of the diffences between mobile internet performance and desktop internet performance, it is not a good idea to monitor the performance of mobile sites using solutions that are designed to monitor 'normal' sites. The agents that these services use consist of normal servers, standard browsers (or emulations of standard browsers..) and they are connected to they internet using high speed connections. As a result of this, reported performance will be much better than anything real users will ever experience using the iPhones while walking down Mainstreet. This is why Key Performance always recommends to monitor mobile websites using a combination of advanced mobile monitoring from Keynote and Real User Monitoring.

Keynote offers two solutions; Mobile Web Perspective and Mobile Device Perspective. Mobile Web Perspective (or MWP) uses the webkit mobile browser and a library of  over 2,000 different devices, 50 global locations and a combination of over the Air and LAN connections (emulating 2G, 3G and 4G connection speeds) to realistically access your mobile website and analyse its performance. Mobile Device Perspective (or MDP) is even more sophisticated as it is using real mobile devices to monitor the performance of your mobile apps.

Key Performance will work with you to develop and deploy the required scripts and we will provide you with training and local support to ensure that you can maximize your ROI. Key Performance also provides additional consulting services to help you identify and fix perfomance bottlenecks or perform competitive benchmarks. 

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