Availability Assurance

Availability Assurance is our our most basic service. It is a good and cost effective way to get started with Web Monitoring. Availability Assurance uses Keynote’s Application Perspective to monitor the availability of your website by monitoring key pages and sending out alarms and alerts through various channels whenever problems occur. 


Keynote Application Perspective is a performance monitoring, root cause analysis and diagnostics solution for websites and web applications. Application Perspective emulates an Internet browser to generate and measure scripted transactions from locations on the Keynote global test and measurement network Its triple-verified data on availability and responsiveness is ideal for operational performance monitoring of any website, web application or web service at the lowest cost per measurement available in the market.

Application Perspective provides performance and availability measurements for subscribed URLs and transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keynote measurement computers deployed on the Keynote Global Test & Measurement network take measurements on a user established schedule and frequency. Application Perspective interrogates your underlying servers, applications and infrastructure, monitoring their reaction and the impact of each component upon the end-user experience.

When performance or availability thresholds are exceeded, Application Perspective generates alert emails and alerts in the MyKeynote operational console, and can also feed alerts to your internal systems management console. Operations Managers can then analyze external and internal monitoring data to decisively segregate external ISP network issues from internal data center server or cloud provider issues.

Application Perspective delivers the most accurate monitoring data, the widest global reach, and most intelligent emulated browser technology to help your websites outperform your competitors. With Application Perspective
Operations Managers and System Administrators can intuitively:
• Locate and triage problems quickly using alerts provided by Keynote and system management consoles
• Drill down to page level and metric level details to resolve problems and determine which infrastructure components need repair
• Eliminate noise and false alarms caused by poorly performing content outside of their control

Following problem resolution, Application Perspective can also be used to quickly validate the fix, thus providing a highly efficient, repeatable process to ensure a high quality online end-user experience

Key Performance will set up and maintain the monitoring, implement and maintain the alarms and recipients list. Availability Assurance will provide you with reliable, cost-effective web performance monitoring. 

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