Performance Testing

Next to Performance Monitoring, which is an ongoing activity that takes place 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, Key Performance is specialized in Performance Testing (scheduled event). The difference between these two services is that with Performance Monitoring we measure the impact of marginal synthetic or full real user traffic as it is taking place on your site and with Performance Testing we generate specific traffic volumes to measure the impact on the application and the underlying infrastructure. 

heavy load

Where the main purpose of functional testing is to ensure that the visitor finds all the functionality that he requires and that it all works according to the original specs. Non-Functional Testing or Performance Testing focuses on removing performance bottlenecks and validating Service Level Objectives. In practice this means ensuring that a website is capable to perform well at expected business volumes (and maybe a bit extra), that a new release functions at least as good as the existing version and that you are capable to quickly restore service if parts of your infrastructure happen to fail. 

The solutions that we offer (and use ourselves) are external performance tools that generate load either from proprietary infrastructure in various locations or cloud based infrastructure. These solutions can also be deployed in combination with internal testing tools such as HP Load Runner. 

Key Performance is offering both self service performance testing solutions and fully managed performance testing. In the first case we supply you with the tools, some training and some help with developing the first scripts. In the second case we take on full project management, work with you to prepare realistic test plans, we develop all scripts, prepare the external load injectors, execute the tests and analyze the results for you.

performance testing

We offer managed load testing both as a standalone engagement or on a subscription basis. In the case of a subscription  we jointly define the expected number of tests, estimate testing volumes and duration. In this case we will do our best to re-use existing scripts and assign the same consultants to minimize cost and maximize efficiency.

Key Performance will select the optimal solution to meet your testing requirements based on the required volumes, test durations, cloud based or physical, website complexity and user behavior modeling requirements.  

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Feel free to sign up for our free load testing proof of concept.Together we will define one or two customer journeys that we will script and we will set up and run a small test (limited number of concurrent users). This way you can see for yourself how much valuable information is that we provide.

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