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Key Performance is offering two types of Site Performance Assessments. One for trouble shooting live sites with performance issues called SPA Red and another one where there is no immediate pressure but just a need for an objective, third party, review of a website in production or ready to be released called SPA Blue. If the subject of the Assessment is a live application that is already running in production, the project will include a four week measurement period in which we use a variety of tools to collect data on the performance of the application and the underlying components. If we the application is not yet live but running on an acceptance testing environment (that has to be accesible from the outside world) then we reduce the measurement period to two weeks as we will have to generate the workload ourselves (included in the project). 


The focus of SPA Red is on immediate problem resolution and normalizing the performance of your site. This means that we get started without taking a lot of time for preparations and we just get started. The work will be done in close cooperation with your internal teams (who will make all the required changes). After the problems have been resolved, we will conduct a comprehensive review of the site and deliver a set of addtional optimization recommendations.

The Performance Assessment will analyse the web or mobile site using a holistic approach (more or less like a vehicle inspection covering all relevant parts of your site) that will provide us with a clear understanding of the end-to-end customer experience and that allows us to zoom in on any performance bottleneck (network, infrastructure, application or database) that is causing the delay. For this we will either use Key Performance’s own internal toolkit or similar tools that you have already implemented. The tools that we use are either non-intrusive or only require small changes to your infrastructure. The cost involved with the use of these tools is included within the fixed price proposal. Key Performance will also analyse active ITIL processes, testing strategy and general performance awareness. These will be compared to best practices and included in the final presentation.

For the assessment we will monitor 3 to 5 key Customer Journeys that use all relevant functionalities on your site. Key Performance will analyse the results and present them to you in an on-site presentation. The analysis includes a detailed overview of any identified bottlenecks, recommendations on how to remove these and (where applicable) recommendations on best practices, processes and tooling for longer term actions.

The standard deliverable of this assessment is a powerpoint presentation of between 80 and 120 slides. This presentation will cover specific topics like application performance/variability, server and network performance/variability, third party performance, CDN usage, capacity issues, trends/changes, browser processing, database performance, cache settings, compression, CSS, JS, geographic/latency issues, availaibility issues, performance issues, domain comparison, object level trending and error analysis. For each of these areas (if optimisation opportunities are identified), this presentation will provide specific recommendations with expected benefits and a high level cost estimate. As such the deliverables of the assessment phase form an excellent foundation for a focused optimization project. Key Performance is of course available to manage and execute such an additional project and to realize the forecasted performance optimization in close cooperation with your internal teams.

One of the interesting things that we have seen over the last two years is that most of the sites that we analyze for Performance Assessments are doing better than average already. It almost seems that clients need to reach a certain maturity level (and performance awareness) before they start to consider asking an independent third party for advice. The advantage of this is that these clients have a real willingness to improve which ensures that our recommendations are usually implemented quite fast and performance improvements are easily identiable.

Maturity Roadmap

Key Performance has integrated components of ITIL's Continuous Optimization and the Capability Maturity Model into the proprietary Web Performance Assurance methodology that founds the foundation of the Site Performance Assessment services. Because of this we can easily track tour performance over time and show you how you are improving. For this, a Site Performance Assessment would ideally be repeated every six months or every year. This way we can compare the results with previous reports and discuss variation for specific measurements and define new priorities for your team.

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It's a great way to obtain an objective analysis of your site and very helpful for budget preparations or before launching a major campaign. We perform these Assessments as fixed price projects with all cost (consulting, tooling, travel and expenses) included. Key Performance will set up monitoring using a number of different tools,including Keynote's Transaction Perspective. The measurements will run for a period of four weeks to ensure that we see your site in action under all kinds of load.

We analyze the data, prepare an analysis of your site's strengths and weaknesses and provide you with clear recommendations on improvements. These will be presented during an on-site meeting. If you're interested in finding out more then please enter your contact details in the form below!

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