Key Peformance is a reseller of Riverbed application acceleration solutions and we have extensive experience in the implementation and maintenance of these products. Before we take a closer look at these services, let's tell you a bit more about application acceleration in general.

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Application accelerators are proxy servers that automatically improve a website's performance by dynamically optimizing caching, compressing content and code, optimizing network connections and minimizing latency. Recent solutions have added techniques like WAN optimization, latency aware QoS and other highly sophisticated tricks.

The major advantage of applying this type of solutions is that most of the performance optimization work is done automatically without taking up development or engineering resources. The accelerator is either installed on the application server or, in case of a hardware solution, between the webserver and the internet and that's basically it. As it makes sense not to have too many devices lined up between your server and the client, it is also possible to install a combination device that functions both as a load balancer and accelerator.

Riverbed is one of the leading vendors in this industry. They offer both general website acceleration as well as specific solutions for Microsoft Sharepoint, SAP, Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange.  Key Performance will analyze your web application to determine if application accelration will improve your performance and recommend the most suitable solution for it. The next step is a Proof of Concept installation (in most cases on your acceptance testing environment) where Key Performance will measure performance with and without acceleration. We will provide you with an extensive analysis of the results and extrapolate the benefits for your production environment. You can get an idea of the enormous potential of these solution by looking at the average improvements in the graph below.

wan optimization

The information that has been collected during the POC will be used to optimize the parameters of the solution before installing it in production. Before going live, we will run a high volume performance test to validate that everything has been properly set up. We will continue our measurements for a period of two weeks after go live and present you with a final post implementation report that quantifies the performance improvement and evaluates the project.

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