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Web Performance is our core business

When we started Key Performance in 2000, we focused exclusively on helping our clients to manage and improve the performance and availability of their websites and this hasn't changed until today. That doesn't mean that everything is still the same. On the contrary. In the beginning the internet was mostly about informational websites with limited interactivity. Today websites are probably the most valuable assets of companies and they bring in an important part of the revenue.

keynote locationsAt the start Key Performance was a pure reseller of Keynote's global web availability and response time monitoring solutions. Today Keynote solutions still form an important part of our portfolio. Key Performance is Keynote's only partner with a track record that spans more than 10 years and we are proud to be their best performing partner worldwide.

Over the years we have added additional vendors and products and gradually added services to our portfolio. Because of this our focus shifted from providing our clients with tools that would help them to manage their websites to helping our clients to optimise their eBusiness. This is an evolution that is still continuing today. 

In order to meet our customers' expectations we have managed to build up a deep understanding web performance in general and of the tools that we use (and resell). Key Performance is only working with best of breed vendors and, over time, we have managed to build a deep relationship with them. This also ensures that we (and our clients) receive priority support and that we have access to product management to discuss additional functionality.

We put a lot of energy in the integration of the various solutions that we use and the correlation of information from these tools with additional information coming from web analytics and IT Operations. This provides us with a holistic view of what is happening on your site and tells us what things could be done to optimise it. Our approach is very pragmatic. We believe that the best way to improve is by adapting continuous optimisation, taking small steps and continuous monitoring. We have developed our own proprietary methodology (Web Performance Assurance) to ensure rapid improvement and consistent results.

Over the last 10 years, websites have increased dramatically in complexity and performance is no longer the responsibility of individuals. A modern website can easily be compared to a 1000 pieces jiggsaw puzzle where the result is only perfect if each of the pieces is in the right place (and properly managed). One of the common issues is that noboby ia managing the puzzle as a whole because everybody is too focused on his or her own piece. In the case of websites, things become even more complicated because some pieces of the puzzle are completely out of your control (your clients PC, their internet connection, browser etc.).



Because of this it is important that during our projects we work with many different teams within our clients' organizations.Application Development is important because we would like to ensure that performance awareness doesn't just start once a website goes live. We work with developers to assist them with the definition of non-functional requirements and to implement proper gate keeping between environments. We do application benchmarking (internal and external), performance testing and advise on application monitoring solutions. Within IT Operations we concentrate on implementing advanced web monitoring and alarming, load testing and troubleshooting. Within the business and marketing departments we are active in creating transparancy in how web performance is impacting their revenue and helping them to deal with external service providers (hosting companies, network providers, CDN's and even internal IT departments) and to prepare for important marketing campaigns, website launches or geographic expansion.

Key Performance is mainly active in the Benelux but we have started to expand into France and Germany and occasionaly even further away. We are fluent in English, Dutch, French, German and our L√ętzebuergesch is improving every day. If you are interested in what we do and would like to find out more about how Key Performance then please contact us!


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