Different types of Monitoring

The importance of corporate websites and especially eBusiness sites has increased steadily over time. Today, most businesses expect their websites to be constantly up and running and performing well. This has had a very positive impact on the way websites are designed and operated but it still doesn't mean that everything will always behave as planned.

Web Monitoring will identify availability issues and fluctations in page response times and send an alerts to the support team. They can then use the information from the monitoring solution to identify the bottleneck and restore normal operations as soon as possible. This automatically means that the leading tools on the market will offer you dedicated functionality for each of these tasks and that the depth and quality of the data that they produce is extremely important. 

Antother important aspect of monitoring tools is that the design must be intuitive and the way information is being presented should be clear and consistent. 


So far everything sounds simple. In reality websites are often supported by different teams with different responsibilities and yes, different monitoring requirements. This is why there are currently probably hundreds of different solutions on the market. In this introduction we would like tell you more about the different types of monitoring that exist and their advantages and disadvantages.

The main types of monitoring are: 
- Internal Monitoring 
- External Monitoring
- Real User Monitoring

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