Mobile Application Monitoring: Follow our Webinar on April, 2 : 11 am



Join us and learn about the Importance of Mobile Performance for Philips and How to Get Started


The webinar discusses how innovative technology leader Royal Philips noticed heightened importance of mobile apps on its business and how mobile performance plays a vital role to be successful. mam

You will get introduced to best practices and tools for mobile app monitoring aligned with your traditional performance tasks. See how you can monitor your mobile apps as easy as web sites—all from the same MyKeynote dashboard. 

Keynote Mobile App Monitoring gives you instant insight into app performance from an end user perspective, allowing you to maximize your mobile business across every digital delivery channel.

Web Monitoring

Understanding how your site is performing and how fast your pages are loading is the first step towards website optimisation. Key Performance will show you how!

Load Testing

How will your planned marketing campaign impact your site's performance? Will it be able to handle the predicted load? Key Performance will show you what will happen!

Competitive Benchmarking

eBusiness is highly competitive, also from a performance and availability point of view. Being Best of Class counts. We support you!

Site Acceleration

Improving the performance of your site without rewriting any code that's what site acceleration will do for you. Speed straight out of the box. We will do the implementation!

Technology Partners


Akamai, web content and application delibvery.


CDNetworks, the fastest Web performance platform.

New Relic

New Relic, a developer's best friend.


Kemp, #1 load balancer in price/performance.


Splunk, Listen to your Data.

Strategic Partners

Keynote Systems

Keynote Systems is the market leader in web and mobile performance monitoring. Read more...


Riverbed, Optimization for improved performance worldwide.


ExtraHop, State of the Art Application Delivery Management.

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